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Jaggerdfletcher 161
Jaggerdfletcher 161 6 tundi tagasi
Wait. Its not even 2 stroke?
Jack Fitzgerald
Jack Fitzgerald 6 tundi tagasi
This is the new top gear. Even the Walkie-Talkies
Mukund Thorat
Mukund Thorat 7 tundi tagasi
Will Alex drive this one when he grows up?
Ian Vincent
Ian Vincent 7 tundi tagasi
HERE COMES A NEW CHALLENGER! eepost.info/my/video/q7GCZKh_enaTrm4.html
Owe Michaeli
Owe Michaeli 7 tundi tagasi
Well what is the Story behind Rhode cars? I mean WHY do they Sit there? If someone wants to fix them up why let them rot in a Forest and Not Put them in a barn or smthg?
jake the peg
jake the peg 7 tundi tagasi
find a car in the woods get it running and drive it out that needs to be a new video
I am not Jon
I am not Jon 7 tundi tagasi
If I win the toolbox can I have the old seats as well lmao
Kyle Hurley
Kyle Hurley 7 tundi tagasi
Lol check out Grind Hard Plumbing.
Aldo Mandovani
Aldo Mandovani 7 tundi tagasi
This denmostrates law is made by imbesolssss
Dennis Nattkämper
Dennis Nattkämper 7 tundi tagasi
these dudes with JP is a 1000Ps sofa XD
Nate 7 tundi tagasi
Most car handbooks will specifically tell you not to push the button on a handbreak. Its a rachet, what else is it meant to do?
Naz Nomad
Naz Nomad 7 tundi tagasi
Flashing underglow lights = NOT street legal.
Toni 7 tundi tagasi
Found the origins of covid.
Andrew Nichols
Andrew Nichols 7 tundi tagasi
That fiesta was a mk2 not mk1
Robin Jacobs
Robin Jacobs 7 tundi tagasi
I love how this new Ami has the same grumpy expression as the original Ami. Edit: actually the new Ami looks even angrier
Alistair Rooney
Alistair Rooney 8 tundi tagasi
Is it better with a strap-on? Yeah yeah, it is.
B Y 8 tundi tagasi
I would be into anything with dani
de Caci
de Caci 8 tundi tagasi
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH!!!! Amazing. You made me laugh a lot today, thank you so much :)
Mike Cochrane
Mike Cochrane 8 tundi tagasi
It’s the uk most of the shits rotten beyond repair underneath.
Matthew Saunby
Matthew Saunby 8 tundi tagasi
What was that awesome looking red, pickup truck style thing?!
Just stuff With Wolfe
Just stuff With Wolfe 8 tundi tagasi
How did they get them there and y did they do it I wanna know the story’s And
Dan Metcalf Writer
Dan Metcalf Writer 8 tundi tagasi
Nelson Glover
Nelson Glover 8 tundi tagasi
What a ridiculous statement "they're not abandoned", they're abandoned by someone who probably needs help with regards to their hoarding. I dread to think what their house looks like.
KliveKushOfficial 8 tundi tagasi
love this collab
joshua hesketh
joshua hesketh 8 tundi tagasi
WHAT DA HƎLL so cool
Henry Lee
Henry Lee 8 tundi tagasi
Man vs Wild: Car Edition
Watcher 8 tundi tagasi
Shame really. Such a waste and sad to see cars decaying away.
Addison Cooke
Addison Cooke 9 tundi tagasi
The amount of people who don't understand that this is a scrap yard, not a collection, is amusing
Toni 9 tundi tagasi
Props to Alex
Franz knight
Franz knight 9 tundi tagasi
Mustachio's Motovlogs
Mustachio's Motovlogs 9 tundi tagasi
The automotive equivalent of a hoarder. This ain't a car collection, it's a flytipping site. What was the point of leaving all these cars to rust and become moldy and then refuse to admit they're abandoned? Tell you what, if I ever need to flytip something, I'll just say it's a secret rubbish collection and it's all good.
Adam k
Adam k 9 tundi tagasi
Where’s Ethans z3
Defiance 32
Defiance 32 9 tundi tagasi
Well that was boring
Jacob Brown
Jacob Brown 9 tundi tagasi
Should 100% start a series restoring a car that’s been forgotten about
DualShock 10 tundi tagasi
Forza Horizon bar...woods finds.
Dehf1 10 tundi tagasi
Ayush Bhardwaj
Ayush Bhardwaj 10 tundi tagasi
Everyone: under steer over steer blah blah Meanwhile me: whoa that's a supraaaaa!!!!!
Matty England
Matty England 10 tundi tagasi
97 octane in an M4 🤔 Think you should have found some v-power
Matty England
Matty England 10 tundi tagasi
How are you meant to turn your brain on when you have a nappy covering your airways? 😂 Take your Muzzles off
Kawaii EpicZz
Kawaii EpicZz 10 tundi tagasi
This susuki is nice
andrew grant
andrew grant 10 tundi tagasi
And most of them are less rotten than phil was when Alex bought him.
Andrew Quinton
Andrew Quinton 10 tundi tagasi
The Late Brake Show woz ere
Salty Dog
Salty Dog 10 tundi tagasi
Nice!, Something different
John Munro
John Munro 10 tundi tagasi
Getting some serious Wrong Turn vibes in that wood😳
SB super cars
SB super cars 11 tundi tagasi
That would be so good to finally go on a holiday, some of my family have gone completely depressed
zadin ceaser
zadin ceaser 11 tundi tagasi
I never knew car guys knew what "too low" was and how can u not love that Clio, or c30, honestly beautiful builds, car guys don't hate, so this is just some dumb stuff
Blade ManX
Blade ManX 11 tundi tagasi
needs 2000 watt battery for 40mph
Mark Morrissey
Mark Morrissey 11 tundi tagasi
To be an urban explorer you need Sleeve Tattoo’s Beard Shower curtain rings in ear lobes
diggism 11 tundi tagasi
M54B30 swap it pls
Daraygun 11 tundi tagasi
Garreth spends more on petrol for his i-Pace than his M4
Battalon 11 tundi tagasi
The 86 now cost more than the current 86... and I would pay it!
de Moritz z
de Moritz z 11 tundi tagasi
Why do the owners leave them rott there...
Byron Deithrick
Byron Deithrick 11 tundi tagasi
Is Lewis Hamiltons gaff in Stevenage after he F’ed off to Monaco.
diggism 11 tundi tagasi
M54B30 swap it please
Byron Deithrick
Byron Deithrick 11 tundi tagasi
Video not long enough. Pitty about the situation, as can’t comment on removing them chassis out of natural environment. Yeah still surprisingly short for much too see.
Peter Fitzroy
Peter Fitzroy 11 tundi tagasi
Should you do all these checks on a manufacturer approved used car at a approved dealership too?
Paul Elmore
Paul Elmore 12 tundi tagasi
Not a collection. A scrap pile
Авторазборка Литва
Авторазборка Литва 12 tundi tagasi
I am looking for a small business partner (selling used Tesla parts). I have a car dismantling business (small scale, 200 square meters warehouse for distmantling cars) in Lithuania, selling used car parts for lithuanian, ukrainian, belorussian and russian customers for allmoust 8 years. Now its time to jump into EV's. I have some experience selling used Tesla model S parts, but this experience is quite limited. I live in Lithuania, 43 y.o. My english is not perfect, but quite good. My russian is very good to deal with russian, ukrainian customers. About 30% of my customers are from Ukraine. Most of the cars for dismantling I buy on auctions in the UK (United Kingdom) or Finland. Mostly Copart or Willsons..
The Mini Martins
The Mini Martins 12 tundi tagasi
I'd have had a molotov ready for the inevitable shambler/ clicker to pop out around there!
Mike Castro
Mike Castro 12 tundi tagasi
Toy car
Amangali Amangeldiuly
Amangali Amangeldiuly 12 tundi tagasi
It's May 16, 2021 and the part 3 hasn't come out yet. Why?
Ash King
Ash King 12 tundi tagasi
7:52 - based on Alex's position by Jack I'm gunna say he doesn't like it straight.
Toto Iza
Toto Iza 13 tundi tagasi
Nice car ..to me ... It's prety quick .. one ... Can i win this car. And send me to latín. América ???
just so 1
just so 1 13 tundi tagasi
LPG used to big in the 90s......80% of Asia In 2021 I'm I a joke to you
Martini Montana
Martini Montana 14 tundi tagasi
Nice hair boy,SOHO PARTY dress ?
Jaxon Early
Jaxon Early 14 tundi tagasi
800 miles? I get 210 on a tank barely
DreamSchemeMUT 14 tundi tagasi
majid90 14 tundi tagasi
American lifestyle, buy a lot of car and let it rust in the field
Andy Garnett
Andy Garnett 14 tundi tagasi
Check out gb auto in the link below then mark and avoid because they just advertised to the whole of you tube that they over charge
峠レーシング 14 tundi tagasi
I'm a 16 year old guy and I dont want to be driving around in some battery on wheels that doesnt make any noise,EVs have no soul compared to ICE cars,I want to feel the gear shifts,even if it's an automatic,I want to feel that vibration of the engine as I go at higher RPMs,I want to drive a REAL car
藍戰士Kit Kit Chan Isaac
藍戰士Kit Kit Chan Isaac 15 tundi tagasi
9:17 First time seeing a kids toy car understeer
藍戰士Kit Kit Chan Isaac
藍戰士Kit Kit Chan Isaac 15 tundi tagasi
Me,a F1 fan:Leaked footage of Alex driving Yuki Tsunoda's Porsche (I dont know if Yuki has a car but if you're f1 fan you will get the joke)
Number White
Number White 15 tundi tagasi
Finally a race car i can afford.
Rxennn 16 tundi tagasi
this made me appreciate my evo 4 even more